The Monographic Library space of the Antoni M. Alcover Public Institution was first opened during the Alcover Week in 2012, offering researchers and Alcoverians access to books and materials related to Antoni M. Alcover that the Institution has collected or received in donations or transfers. The collection brings together books, audiovisuals, an extensive collection of postcards and periodicals, all of great interest to know the figure of this linguist and folklorist from Manacor.

Regarding the library, it currently includes more than 800 pieces, which are classified by keywords that indicate their typology:
Alcover’s own work: books written by Antoni M. Alcover.
Antoni M. Alcover Library: books from his personal library.
Folktales: material about the Collection of Majorcan Folktales.
Alcover Studies: works on the figure of Antoni M. Alcover.
Work related to Alcover: books linked to the figure of Antoni M. Alcover.
Books of general interest: books that help understand the work of Alcover.


Here is the catalogue of books of the Antoni M. Alcover Public Institution..


Regarding audiovisuals, the Library contains around 160 CDs or DVDs. Some of the material is internal to the institution (the majority) and others are external. The internal file consists of material whose creation has been carried out by the Institution. In the external file there is material that the Institution collects because it is linked to the work of Alcover, glosses, folktales, music, creation or didactics.


The audiovisual catalogue of the Institution..


In addition, the library contains a large collection of postcards Antoni M. Alcover brought from his travels around the Catalan region and Europe, as well as numerous letters addressed to family, friends and colleagues. Furthermore, the Library has a copy of almost every issue of the weekly La Aurora for the years 1912, 1913, 1914 and 1915, when Alcover was a collaborator.


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