The Antoni M. Alcover Public Institution offers the itinerant exhibition of Alcover, one of the great figures in the Balearic Islands history, to cultural institutions, schools, neighbourhood associations, libraries or other groups. It is a prestigious figure in the Catalan culture world, especially for his masterpiece, the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic Dictionary, and for the Collection of Majorcan Folktales. However, Antoni M. Alcover carried out other less well-known activities such as philological research trips, journalistic work or architectural activities.
The exhibition has ten information boards that rest on wooden easels to facilitate roaming, which represent different facets of Alcover’s life and work. Certainly, the information boards are very easy to use. The entity requesting the itinerant exhibition is responsible for carrying them.
The main objective of this exhibition is to bring the figure of Antoni M. Alcover closer to different collectives, in order to make it known and strengthen its active presence in the island culture.
You can see the boards below:

1. Life

2. Ecclesiastical figure

3. Research trips and philology

4. First International Congress of the Catalan Language

5. The Catalan Language Dictionary

6. Majorcan Folktales

7. The culture mana

8. Other viewpoints: drawer, architect and painter

9. Significance over time and today

10. The Antoni M. Alcover Public Institution: Origins, objectives, history












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