Antoni M. Alcover worked tirelessly to restore and maintain our traditions, stories and language, so his figure is identified with folk, tales and traditional Majorcan life. Antoni M. Alcover was a brave and courageous man, who did not surrender or tire easily. One of its main virtues was the ability to get support from a lot of people. All his projects were backed by crowds: he had unconditional collaborators for finding words that allowed him to attack the immense task of making the dictionary, before the eyes of unbelievers and with all the forecasts of failure. It was considered an impossible project. In 1906, in the celebration of the First International Congress of the Catalan Language, he achieved the participation of about three thousand delegates, including some of the best European Romance language scholars, a really important figure in those years.

Along these lines, the folktales collected by Alcover offer inexhaustible resources to teach traditions, while instilling human values such as respect, courage and good behaviour. Therefore, this is the main bestseller of the Balearic literature of all times, since thousands of volumes have been published, and it has been considered a classic par excellence of our literature. They have been translated into numerous languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Romanian and Japanese. Therefore, they can be a great attraction for touristic and cultural visits. After all, when travelling abroad, Alcover made contacts and friendships that led him to admire many aspects of the character and culture of other nations. To present, he is still a widely respected figure for Majorcan people and for other nations.

All in all, Antoni M. Alcover and his legacy, mainly the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic Dictionary and the Collection of Majorcan Folktales, have attracted the interest of many academics and professionals. As a consequence, an extensive list of erudite literature, as well as numerous didactic materials, is now available.


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