In 1877, Antoni M. Alcover moved to Palma to study in the Diocesan Seminary. In 1885, he finished his studies and was ordained by the bishop. He celebrated his first ceremony in the church of Nostra Senyora dels Dolors in Manacor. He was ordained curate of this church two years later.

In September 1888, he was appointed professor of Ecclesiastic History in the Seminary and he returned to Palma. Two years later, in September 1890, he graduated in Theology in Valencia. He continued his studies and, in 1893, he graduated in Canonical Law. Afterwards, in 1895, he held the Cathedra of Theological Sites, which was followed by Cathedras in History of Mallorca, Majorcan Language and Literature, and Sacred Rhetoric.

In 1898, in the Diocese of Mallorca, Pere Joan Campins, a personal friend of Alcover, was appointed as the new bishop. On June 27th, he named Alcover general vicar of the Diocese, a very committed position, which he occupied until 1916). In 1907, he was received in audience by the Pope Pius X. Besides, he wrote a diary about his ecclesiastic tasks, which also included information on Majorcan society and his literary friendships and gatherings at his house, which are deemed essential to the preparation of the Dictionary.

His ecclesiastic career reached a peak in 1905 when, after passing exams, he was named master canon of the Cathedral of Mallorca. He became dean of the Cathedral in 1921.

In 1915, the bishop Pere Joan Campins died. Alcover occupied the position of chapterhouse vicar sede vacante until October, when the Valencian Rigobert Domènech became bishop of Majorca. The latter appointed Alcover ecclesiastic governor


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