Antoni M. Alcover, multifaceted figure, researched the history and culture of the Balearic Islands. In 1899 he was named vice-president of the Societat Arqueològica Lul·liana (Lulian Archaeological Society). Also, thanks to his work, eleven lulian volumes were published, making them available to nowadays readers, among other works of Ramon Llull. Also, he was the president of the Board of the Archaeological Diocesan Museum. It was precisely there where he gave out speeches and organised lectures, which were an important diffusion channel for the culture of Palma around 1920.

For these reasons, Alcover is considered a great cultural promoter who was interested in history, philosophy and theology, with an extraordinary capacity to work and a special talent to involve multitudes of people in his projects.

Moreover, Alcover collaborated in different periodicals and even directed some of them. In 1884, Alcover accepted publishing in the weekly publication El Tambor, which harbouredultraconservative ideology. In 1885, he began to collaborate in El Àncora, a polemical Catholic newspaper founded in 1880 by the priest Miquel Maura. Maura directed it until 1886. Then, Alcover carried on with the newspaper until 1900, when the bishop Campins closed it down. In 1890, he participated in the foundation of the religious journal El eco del santuario. In the latter, Alcover put to press the first folktales, but it stopped issuing in 1891. Then, Alcover continued to publish the folktales in the Boletín de la Sociedad Arqueológica Luliana (Lulian Archaeological Society Bulletin).

The objectives, geographical descriptions and anecdotes from his research trips were captured in different diaries. They were also published in the Dictionary Bulletin, Diario de Mallorca, Gaceta de Mallorca and La Aurora.

Alcover, published in La Aurora, a weekly newspaper in Manacor from 1910 to 1916. In his facet as a polemicist, he showed his religious and political ideology under the pen-name En Revenjolí. Alcover’s participation in La Aurora coincided with his most glorious years: in 1909, he published the 5th volume of the Aplech de Rondaies Mallorquines (Collection of Majorcan Folktales). Between 1910 and 1911, the 6th volume of the Dictionary Bulletin appeared. In 1912 he was involved in his second “eixida” around European countries to consolidate his philological formation. The next year he visited France, Switzerland and Italy. Both “eixides” abroad were referred to in La Aurora.

Regarding the epistolary work of Antoni M. Alcover, it consists of more than fifteen thousand letters. We find letters about different topics: literature, politics, popular contents and, also, communications with his family. They constitute further evidence of the capacity of work of this illustrate figure. 


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