The members of the association can be, firstly, personal or institutional and, on the other hand, permanent, protective or honor.

The members' rights are:
1. To attend, with full rights, at meetings of the General Assembly
2. To elect, or to be elected, to representation's positions or to exercise positions of the association.
3. To exercise the representation conferred to them in each case.
4. To take part in the government and management, in the services and activities of the association, according to the legal and statutory regulations.
5. To receive information about the activities of the association.
6. To explain the Asemby and the Governing Board the ideas, advices and recommendations they consider that can help improve the work of the association.
7. To enjoy special discounts on activities organized by the association.
8. To have preference in any activity organized by the association.
9. To apply and acquire explanations about management and administration of the Governing Board.
10. Have a copy of the Statutes.


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